Body treatments


Aura Relais offers its guests the opportunity to take a personal care space in order to live a regenerative experience for mind and body. Zen Shiatsu treatments for psycho-physical well-being, foot reflexology and relaxing massages with essential oils of lavender and almond, our essential oils are rigorously made in the structure. Massages are all performed on original Japanese tatami by certified masters. The experience ends with a regenerating herbal tea.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is not a massage; neither oil nor creams are used. Shiatsu treatment is also performed with clothes (possibly comfortable clothing and in natural fabric) and is based mainly on hand and finger pressure techniques with the possible help of joint rotations and elongations muscular.

The pressures are exerted on the points and lines of the meridians which, according to the oriental view constitute the energy structure of the human being and influence its expression on a physical level and emotional. Emotional distress and physical discomfort have their roots in the imbalances and blocks of energy circulation. The resulting dysfunctions are localized through Shiatsu by pressing the finger and hand of the operator who identifies and dissolves these blocks helps to restore the spontaneous flow of energy.

Price: 60 €

Relaxing oil massages

The relaxing massage is mainly aimed at improving the person's well-being. Important properties of the relaxing massage are those concerning the stimulation of the production of endorphins, the great benefit it brings on the quality of sleep and the improvement of memory and concentration.

Ayurvedic massage was born with the aim of keeping the body and mind in perfect balance.Each of us carries within us three bio-physical forces called Doshas, ​​but one more or less clearly prevails over the others, determining what is called the individual constitution.Based on this, the entire treatment will be structured in such a way as to instill well-being and balance, but above all energy.
The lymphatic drainage massage is a particular type of massage that acts on the lymphatic circulation in order to facilitate it, thus favoring the elimination of any stagnation of liquids and toxins.

Price: 70€

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a technique that has very ancient origins.

It is practiced by exercising finger pressure, touches, stimuli and compressions on the reflex points of the foot.

This treatment is useful in order to stimulate vital energy and restore balance throughout the body, giving a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

The Benefits:

It improves the quality of sleep, digestion and intestinal activity, circulation and hormonal activity.

Price: 60€